Advent (again)

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I have to admit that I often find myself conflicted at this time of year. (Perhaps even conflicted about using the word “conflicted”; it seems far too trite, too trendy a word to approach a serious subject.) There is so much right about Christmas:  celebrating the coming of our Savior, hearing the wonderful music of the season, the lights, the smiles of anticipation and then realization on the faces of children.
But there is also much to give us pause: conspicuous consumerism, embarrassing scenes of adults fighting over the must-have toy of the year, excess. These things leave me wanting to grab the world by the collar and give it a good shake:  “Don’t you get it?”
But today it seems that more and more people do get it. I see them — often entire families — looking for ways to move beyond the materialism of the day and instead have an impact for others.  They turn to things like Angel Tree, Toys for Tots, Advent Conspiracy, Heifer International, and our own Five for Ten, just to name a few.
During this Advent season, I hope you are one who is investing in the lives of the least of these. And if you are, I pray that your investment is not just a one-time conscience salve that lets you feel good about yourself before you go back to business as usual on January 1. Caring for the orphans, the prisoners, the at-mortal-risk is not about writing a check once a year; it requires a commitment — a lifestyle — that is constantly aware, and constantly engaged in changing the world for the 100 million children with no home, no family.
I’d like to challenge you:  Each of the next five years, increase your giving to the cause of the least of these by 1% of your annual income. Guess what?  If we all do that, we’ll have essentially all the funding we need to rescue every one of the children.
One percent a year…  then be prepared to hear, “You have done it unto me.”

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