The only thing I can imagine better than reading David’s challenging words would be hearing him deliver them. A master communicator, David makes you want to go out and change the world – right now.

Dr. J. Randall O’Brien – President, Carson-Newman University

In a sentence… Read this book! Nowell’s authentic message will grab you, shake you up, and compel you to go out in Jesus’ name. If you really want to be immersed in dirty faith, invite him to speak. I did, and it transformed the way our church understands missions. I can’t wait to get this book into the hands of our members. It’s time to get dirty for Jesus!

Dr. John Adams – Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Easley, SC

David Z Nowell (1)I get this.

You want a speaker who connects, you want stage presence, you want polish and professionalism. But so much more than that, you want someone who challenges, who equips, who moves the audience. You want some hearts changed.

And you’re not quite sure what that looks like. This page is to help you get there.

Hopefully we can arrive together.

Work your way through these starter questions to get a better feel for the kind of speaker you need

  1. Why are you looking for a speaker? “Because I need to fill out my chapel calendar” probably is not the best answer here.

  2. What type of event?  Sunday morning church service?  Required-attendance university colloquium? Topical conference?

  3. What is the venue?  Small conference room?  Concert hall?  Church auditorium?

  4. Who’s your audience? Students? Church leaders? Millennials? Men? Women? (Be detailed!)

  5.  The Big One: What do you want to happen with your audience?

Once you can answer these questions, it’s time to start looking for your speaker.

What you can expect from me

Professionalism: All communications and requests will be answered promptly and clearly.  I will show up on time and be prepared to deliver.  The presentation will focus on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience.

Personal Consultation:  An immediate conversation to make sure we are the right fit, and to help me understand your audience.

Engaging Content:  I am a storyteller at heart and believe in the power of stories to move people. I have spent much of the last decade getting to know some of the world’s peripheral people and throw-away kids. These are not my stories; they are the stories of those who the world overlooks, but Christ loves.

Powerful Graphics:  The pictures and infographics are part of the story—and they tell it remarkably well.

Publicity: An announcement about your event will be on my blog, website, and social media channels. You will also receive publicity posters, press releases, and media guides as needed.

Follow-up:  How did it go?  I want to know.

My Most Requested Topics

kids waving

Orphans Transformed.  The past 15+ years have provided many opportunities to be involved in the transformational care for mortal-risk children. Their stories of overcoming and triumph will engage and inspire your audience.

two little girls

Trafficking and Child Prostitution. “Thank You that I am perfect in Your eyes.” A worldwide epidemic meets the thundering silence of the Church, yet there is hope and the promise of tomorrow for the children of the sex trades – and you and I hold the key to that future.

reading Bible

Serious Following.  “Do not tell me that Jesus loves me, just show me.” We have become a Church of believers, and following has become an afterthought. Be inspired by stories of serious following, and begin the journey of pursuing dirty faith.

peripheral people

The Church and Peripheral People. “These are his people; these are the ones he identifies with.” What did Jesus look like? Not the movie character, but the 2,000-years-ago, walking-through-Judea guy. Here’s a hint:  It probably was not like you and me. It was almost certainly more like the people who populate much of our world – the peripheral people who live tertiary lives. And what do they have to do with our Church?

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