A Christmas Wish

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I have never done this before in this blog, and I promise I will not do it very often, but I need to say this.



As we make final preparations for Christmas, there is a world around that is hurting; there are millions of people in need.


Millions of children on the streets. Tens of millions living in poverty. Hundreds of thousands of girls forced into prostitution. These numbers are so huge we want to throw our hands up in despair. But we must never forget:  Every one of those millions is a child.



For over two decades, Hope Unlimited for Children has transformed the world one child at a time. And every single day, you have been the hand on our shoulder. Hope exists today because of the faithful support of people who see beyond the numbers; people who see each child as a story yet to be told.



Award-winning programs currently touch the lives of over 1200 children every day, but as we begin our third decade, Hope stands poised to impact the lives of more children than ever. Our new prison initiative will take us down new roads, introducing us to a whole new group of boys and girls who desperately need the transforming touch of Hope. A whole new set of stories yet to be told.



We cannot move forward without you. Our end-of-year goal is $900,000 – 40% of our annual budget. To date, we still have almost $500,000 yet to secure. This is not a budget of extravagance, but a bare minimum needed to secure another year of transforming lives. So today, please prayerfully consider investing in a young life.Help a child add Hope to their story.


So please… Give.

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