When Jesus messes up our plans

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I guess post-Mother’s Day, it’s okay to write this one.

My Mom had an interesting relationship with God, or, at least, an interesting understanding of her relationship with God. Perhaps it was a little shy on the grace measure of things. She had this great fear that God was going to spring the big one on her, the demand that she would have to do something she really did not want to do. Jonah became the operative story for her—and China her Nineveh. She passed away with fears unrealized; God let her live out her life as a pastor’s wife in her beloved Texas.

But what happens when Jesus does mess up our plans?

Not China—not big picture mess up—but at least getting in the way of the day-to-day we have laid out.

Home and community are supposed to be respite for Susan and me, but…

Jesus keeps bringing people into our lives who break us from our comfort.

A 12-year-old-boy abandoned by his parents, now dealing with anger problems that threaten to destroy his life.

A family new to our community for whom hunger seems to be a real issue.

A single mother and her preschool son, together fleeing an abusive relationship.

It’s a lot easier when all of the distress is in Brazil … and I can come home to the comfort of Tennessee hills.

But maybe, just maybe, my ideas of comfort are all wrong.

When’s the last time Jesus messed up your plans?

Let’s talk more about this next week . . .

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