To be a child

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They called him The Jackal.
He was only 12 years old, but his exploits took him far beyond his years. A field commander in one of Africa’s many civil wars, he was known for his fearlessness and, ultimately, for his brutality. He stood before the NBC cameras with an intense stare as a reporter posed the question: “What will you do when this war is over?”
“I want to be a child.”
I want to be a child. An extreme example? Yes. But the yearning to be a child, to have someone provide, to be loved, to be held, to be protected, to have a chance to play without worrying about survival is the reality for millions of children.
Over 200 million children never have a chance to BE children as they scramble daily just to survive; the percentage of children finding provision through orphanages, foster care programs, and adoptions has little effect on the problem. In Brazil, the country where we serve, millions of children are biological and social orphans, consigned to a life on the streets. But children in long-term care there number only in the thousands.
So what do we do about it?
Step outside of our comfort zones. Encounter the real world of millions of children. Research the “silent” problems. Get the facts. Go on a mission trip. Listen to your heart. Put your money where your mouth is. Make a difference.
Demand that others do the same. The orphans of our world become visible only when we insist that others see them. Do not allow your church to be satisfied with missions as a department of the church when it should be the DNA.
Give a child the gift of childhood. For their sake … and yours.

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    They could insert these in the cashier’s workplace and utilize them for whatever activities they wish to engage.

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