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EVERY child deserves the chance to Thrive . . . and YOU deserve a chance to help!

Through the years, many supporters of Hope Unlimited for Children have asked if we have a child sponsorship program. Because Brazilian privacy laws expressly prohibit us from linking a sponsor to an individual child, we have always had to answer “no.” Even so, that did not change our desire to find a way for supporters to connect with our kids.

Out of this long-time desire, our new Thrive Team program was born. While not linking a sponsor to a specific child, Thrive Team members make a monthly contribution that will give a child everything he or she needs to thrive. I’ll give you the details in a minute, but first … the story of child who is learning to thrive.

Alexandra’s story is typical of the children who come to Hope. One of nine children in her family (from four different fathers), she learned to fend for herself on the streets of the favela at a very young age. She was often hungry, always at mortal risk, and subject to abuse because she had no one to look out for her or protect her. She had no education, no healthy interaction with adults or other children, and nothing to nourish body, mind, or spirit.

But then she came to Hope, and her life changed. She gained a family that loved her and became a part of a caring community. She had chores and a chance to play with friends. Adults became role models rather than agents of neglect and pain. Most important, she learned that God loves her and wants the very best for her. In short, she was given all the tools she needs to thrive. To learn what it means to truly thrive, click HERE.

Transforming young lives like Alexandra’s takes a team effort. And YOU can be part of the team.

As a Thrive Team member, you commit to contribute $35 per month to help give a child all the necessary tools to live a happy and fulfilling life — in short, to thrive. You will receive:

* Monthly email updates featuring the story of a child who is thriving
* A Thrive Team T-shirt
* A Thrive Team bracelet with the name of a Hope child
* The joy of knowing that you are giving a child the chance to THRIVE!

As you commit to us, we commit to you:
* 100% of your donation goes directly to Brazil to help change the life of a child

Become a charter member of the Thrive Team today!

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Thrive Team: Changing the World One Child at a time.




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What is Thriving?

Thriving is a new way of looking at the healthy development of children, focusing on affirmative attributes rather than negative outcomes. Children thrive when they are positively engaging both their present and their future. At Hope Unlimited for Children, we strive to provide a positive peer culture in which children can embrace their present and prepare for their future.

What does a child need to Thrive?

FAMILY AND COMMUNITY: A family. A positive peer culture. A caring neighborhood. Three adult role models from outside the family. Positive family communications. To know that he or she is safe. A school with a strong learning environment.

RESPONSIBILITY AND EMPOWERMENT: Clearly defined boundaries. Chores. Service to others. High expectations for achievement. To know contributions are valued. Homework. Positive values of honesty, integrity, caring.

POSITIVE USE OF TIME: One hour of physical play every day. Down time every day. Daily time to read for pleasure. At least three hours per week of cultural/artistic activities.

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT: Weekly spiritual formation. To know God loves them.

2 Responses to Thrive Team

  1. Susan (My Place to Yours) October 2, 2012 at 8:22 pm #

    SO happy to see this … and excited to be a charter member of the Thrive Team!

  2. Julie November 24, 2012 at 12:19 pm #

    God has been developing a heart in me for the plight of these precious street children of Brazil. I sponsor and advocate for children through Compassion International in and near the Brazilian cities where
    child prostitution and exploitation are rampant. I just came across your website and am so thankful for your work at Hope Unlimited. I am praying fervently for God’s guidance as to how I can help your ministry to the street children of Brazil.

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