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A couple of years ago, I joined friends from Menlo Park Presbyterian Church for their Sunday morning Café service. Like many large churches, MPPC meets in several venues with varying worship styles, and Pastor John Ortberg appears on the big screen in each locale. I don’t remember the specific text for the day, or the title of the sermon. But one line is etched in my memory.

Too many people live for the feature story when they should be living for the obituary.

Think about it. Our society makes it clear that “significant” people drive really nice cars, have good teeth, great hair, and a closet full of designer clothes.

Now think about the obituaries you’ve read. I’ve yet to see one that starts out, “He always drove fast cars and had good hair.” Instead, the retelling of a person’s life usually tells the stories of true significance. The things that made a lasting difference: family, friends, a positive impact in the community … and in lives.

So how many of us are living for the obituary? Are we investing in others, or in possessions? Do we care for the least of these, or for Self?

In the words of our Savior, “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and vermin destroy . . . but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven . . . for where your treasure is, there will be your heart also.”

Significant. Isn’t that how you want to be remembered?

Do what it takes to make it happen …

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