30 Days of Prayer for Hope – 2014

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Dear Friends:

Last year we at Hope Unlimited for Children invited our friends, supporters, and partner churches to join us for 30 Days of Prayer for Hope. The response was overwhelming. Without any question, we received more positive feedback from that simple request than anything we had done previously.

We quickly realized that we needed annually to set aside a time to pray together.

Beginning on Friday—and for the next 30 days leading up to Orphan Sunday on Nov. 2—I will post a very short devotion, Scripture, and prayer prompter here on this blog. I ask that you pause for just a few moments and pray for the children, staff, and work of Hope Unlimited.

I’ll be sharing stories of some of our kids. I want you to better understand their lives, their contexts, and their hopes for the future. Many of the stories will be new to you; a few have appeared here previously in some format. Please plan to share these stories via social media, email, and personal conversations.

Each story you will read is a story retold many times in the lives of the children cared for on Hope campuses.

So when you read about Paulo, think also of Antonio, Alexandre, Dolores, and Tiani. They all need and greatly treasure your prayers.

Many blessings, and I look forward to praying with you.

David Z Nowell



P.S.  Those of you who subscribe to this blog as well as Hope Unlimited prayer updates will receive two 30 Days of Prayer for Hope emails. Feel free to pray twice! … or perhaps you’ll simply forward one to a friend who will join you in praying for the children—the least of these—those our Lord called his brothers and sisters.

Please do not unsubscribe from either list; this is just a rare, short-term overlap with an important purpose. Thanks for understanding!

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