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Reading Psalms 46 today.

Sometimes this work seems overwhelming – caring for orphans, that is.

The world really does not care or there would not be 153 million children left to fend for themselves.

Even our churches seem pretty complacent about it. Much more interested in repairing the crack in the stained glass than the holes in the lives of our children.

Our children, because they are ours.

All 153 million of them.

Then there is the constant noise…

Societies that

  • hawk sexuality on every television screen, and every magazine – and then profess outrage that little girls and boys become sexual objects
  • consume extravagance – while children lie beneath the overpasses, hands out for pity, Lazarus-like, waiting for the morsel to fall from the rich man’s table

Noise. A lot of noise that overwhelms the senses, and distracts us from the child in the street. Noise that turns us inward and calls us from our task.

But there’s the promise of Psalms 46 amidst the noise:

Nations are in uproar, kingdoms fall; he lifts his voice, the earth melts.

The promise of God to those who are faithful is that he provides the quiet, the stillness, the clarity so we may serve the least of these. Because he is God, and that is what God does.

Lord, our prayer for today is that you melt the noise of obstacles and distractions – and provide the peace so we may serve.

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